SCL004 — Dean Grenier & Hej Fund — Grist EP

LA-based label Sister City Limited sees its fourth release from two thirds of its label counterparts, Dean Grenier and Hej Fund. Dean Grenier, with singles on Tectonic, Symbols and Photek Productions, continues to move from his roots in American underground bass music into more techno-infused sounds. Hej Fund is James Campbell from LA, a student of percussion, who specializes in rhythm tracks, heavy drums and random synth experiments. 

This is the first time that the two have collaborated as a duo, having previously only produced individually or together with third label mate Eprom. The EP will be released on a limited run of cassette tapes and marks the first physical release from the label. 

The four-track EP begins with 'Sheffer Stroke', a smoky long-burning ode to late night Chicago. This is followed by 'Loved Them’, consisting of a spacey synth and a round bass which propel themselves over sporadic drums.'Half Wit' is a hive mind, an anxious track that builds up incrementally and then slowly breaks back down to its core. 'Dauphin Arms’ rounds off the release with saturated drums, menacing and distorted bass slowly giving way to a welcoming melody that just brings enough light into the otherwise dark and club ready final track.

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